What does it take to influence?


We've got the right connections.

Impactful public relations.
Today, PR is more competitive than ever--requiring the expertise of people who know how the process works, have the right connections and know who the opinion influencers are in your business sector or vertical market. But it's more than just getting ink.

What do we do different?
We've spent more than 15 years watching technology trends. Analyzing financial implications. Predicting competitive strategies. Understanding your market. Understanding what the business press wants and needs. And learning what works through first-hand experience.

Over the years, instead of giving up or giving in, we've gotten better. And we've gained a reputation for intelligence, relevance, reliability and integrity with the media and analyst communities.

Our infrastructure is designed for today's market needs. We have processes for developing the story, analyzing the media, choosing the targets, pitching the story, executing follow-through and getting results.

We're the one company that can give you a full range of integrated professional public relations services:

We've got what it takes--and we deliver.


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