What does it take to succeed?


We're ready to meet your challenges.

Welcome to Nilles & Associates. Whatever it takes to meet your marketing challenge--we've got it. Whatever you need to get to market faster, leverage your time better, and manage across a broader band--it's here.

Is that a gutsy claim? Well, gutsiness is just one of our qualifications. It takes that and a whole lot more to succeed with the tough, demanding projects we take on regularly.

It also takes old-fashioned qualities like courage, heart and care. Plus indispensible attributes like experience, expertise and our unwavering commitment to excellent service.

We're a team of more than 30 seasoned, high-tech marketing veterans. Each of us has more than 15 years of experience. So whether you're a startup or a large multinational, you get senior-level counsel and know-how at every phase--from planning at the highest levels to implementation.

We have the resources and flexibility to build a custom team to match your business needs and budget. A team that complements your internal resources, organized to fit your internal structure. And since we're all experienced managers, we accomplish everything we do with minimal demand on your time. You'll come to think of us as a smoothly running extension of your own organization--a team you can count on for impactful results.

We've helped a wide range of high technology clients successfully handle marketing problems big and small--in a broad variety of fields, from enterprise hardware and software to the Internet, graphics, networking and telecommunications.

These are just some of our specialties:

We're ready to meet your challenges, too. Whether you need a market study, a single brochure, or an entire product launch--we've got what it takes.

And we deliver.


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