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Innovative marketing strategies.
Winning in technology today means using market research and strategies to your advantage. It means having dependable market and competitive analyses, as well as strategies for product differentiation, alliance partners and distribution networks.

We're not just a research firm--we're different
Our years of market research and product launches are informed by the experience of full-service follow-through in marketing communications, PR and customer advocacy. We know what really works throughout the entire chain--from research to launch, from promotion to sale, to ongoing customer satisfaction.

Nilles & Associates can help
Our team can help you fully understand your market, identify the opportunities, see the danger signs and make adjustments on the fly. We can help you spot the competition's weaknesses, articulate your advantages, reduce your risks and ride the trends.

Nilles & Associates is the one company that can give you a complete range of custom marketing services:

We've got what it takes--and we deliver.


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